Fireshow Fuegopaz

We are a group of artist collaborating in musical and fire show performances.

The Spanish term fuego paz means fire of peace. According to the Chinese proverb “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness!”, we try to spread fire, pleasure, cheerfulness as well as harmony with our engagement.
With this in mind, our objective is to let you go home having made an extraordinary experience after your wedding, your birthday party or other celebrations or events.

The slogan “The Interacting Fire Show” signifies that we, the fire artists, have worked out our choreographies for various musical styles: jazz music, classical music (Carmina Burana), Klezmer, Ethno, Drum’n’Bass, medieval music, rock, pop and techno music.

“The Interacting Fire Show” also means that we interact spontaneously with musicians of our artist network or other musicians at the event venue.
We would especially point out that we have always succeeded to create new artistic compositions satisfying the musicians, the acting artists and – of course – the present audience. This is because of many years of experience in the elaboration of choreographies. If you wish, we are as a matter of course able to hold our event with music from a CD.

Our actors can be booked separately or in a groups up to seven people. On request, we find musicians for you corresponding to your event. We look forward to your inquiries. The prices will be determined individually in accordance with your event.